AW Fit

AW Fit is the invention of personal trainer Aeilish Wynne. As a newly qualified personal trainer she is looking to build a sustainable client base with a callout fitness service. Specialising in injury recovery and group training sessions, she needed business and marketing advice to help get the ball rolling.

The Challenge

Aeilish has grown up with her name being miss-spelled and pronounced so building a brand that tackles that is vital to it’s success. She is also keen to keep herself open to all ages and genders until she discovers her niche.

How We Helped

We collaborated to develop a business name that would be easy to find (and spell) and soon settled on AW Fit, utilising her initials and the research of available domain names.

Applying a clean, gender neutral colour scheme was the next step in the process before developing an identity that would work nicely across digital, print and clothing for marketing purposes. Once agreed, we moved on to her website. This involved the building of a multi-page WordPress site, filled with information that Aeilish could link potential clients to, whilst also providing her with a platform for blogging to increase visibility.

The Outcome

AW Fit continues to develop as Aeilish learns more about her market and business. Fortunately, we have assembled her site in a fluid format that allows us to chop and change on a regular basis, in order to fit with her latest offerings. This in turn has allowed her to maintain a steady stream of incoming enquiries to keep her cash flow rolling.


Health & Fitness


July 2018

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