WyData logo design
WyData landing page design


WyData formed after the sale of the WyMedical Group. This offset specialises in accessible NHS data for marketing campaigns and distribution. Providing vital statistics with regards to quantities of information and market size.

The Challenge

WyData had previously established under WyMedical, so when the business was sold it was time to break away from the mould and establish it’s own identity. This meant a new logo, colour palette and website (for starters).

How We Helped

After initial conversations, we went away and generated multiple iterations for the new brand, before developing down to our final design. From this we established a full colour palette and new brand guidelines, followed by a landing page whilst they developed the business in its own right.

The Outcome

WyData are the go to business for medical information, helping hundreds of businesses target the right individuals.




July 2017

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