Yogic Lodge Hotel leaflet cover
Yogic Lodge Hotel leaflet inside

Yogic Lodge Hotel

Located within two preserved natural parks, designated as an area of outstanding beauty in southwest Spain, stunning nature surrounds those who visit the Yogic Lodge Hotel. They offer a wide range of healthy, organic meals and a specially designed yoga schedule to ensure you leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

The Challenge

The Yogic Lodge Hotel had stagnated under it’s previous ownership. With new management came new direction. The YLH wanted to bring in more international residents whilst providing the locals with a sanctuary they could call their own.

How We Helped

We worked with The YLH to develop a new brochure that would be available in English and the native Spanish. With our fresh ideas and their knowledge of the market, we were able to couple eye catching design with insightful content. The combination of which acted as a brand awareness exercise in local areas and a marketing piece further afield.

The Outcome

The YLH have frequently filled their quota, often requiring a wait list in peak periods. With this regular and consistent income, they have been able to give back to the community and further improve their facilities and offerings.




July 2018

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